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Posted on: 20th August 2019 by Mark Tiddy

Now, if you’re like me then even when you’re on holiday (or vacation as they say in the USA) you need some tech with you and so here is a blog with my favourite travel tech including my top bank for travel, favourite apps and physical tech.

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As a bonus tip at the start of this video if you suffer with your ears popping and taking days to recover after travelling (which I do) then check out these reusable flying earplugs from Boots…genuinely the best £5 I’ve ever spent!

But let’s talk tech…

Travel Money

When you’re travelling to another country getting currency is the trickiest thing to work out and you probably don’t want to be carrying around a load of cash.

For this reason I signed up to Starling Bank a couple of years ago. Starling offer a debit card account and other than sending you a physical card everything else is done via their app.

There’s two reasons I’d highly recommend them

1 – No Fees! – If you want to use an ATM or pay using your card there are no fees wherever you are in the world…you just pay the conversion rate of the day. This makes spending money when travelling so simple!

2 – You can keep a check on spending as you go – Payment notifications come through instantly and even tell you how much your $11 payment just cost in £’s…this let’s you keep track of your money as you go along.

Check out Starling here.

Other Travel Apps

Alongside the Starling app I have a few other travel favourites

Physical Travel Tech

Now, let’s talk about the physical things I take with me. I’ve linked all of the tech mentioned at the end of this section.

The first thing I pack is USB cables for my devices…typically a MicroUSB cable and a lightning cable. I also travel with my portable charger, a Romoss Sense 4…this isn’t the lightest or smallest but has a massive 10400MaH battery so lasts forever…it also has 2 USB ports so I can charge 2 devices at once.

Next is a Universal Travel Adapter which I picked up this year. It has extendable plugs for USA, EU, Australia and the EU and space to charge 3 USB devices, 1 USB C and a plug! It’s super portable and compact.

For the ultimate travel wallet (and now my daily driver) I picked up a Trove Swift Reflex which fits all my cards in, has a handy pull strip for the most used cards and the Swift Reflex is even vegan!

I also have a Tile Mate which I throw in my suitcase. I’ve got a full review coming up next week on this but the mate lets me track my case if it gets lost and gives me a heads-up when it’s arriving on the baggage claim conveyer belt!

Then, of course, there’s my every day devices that come with me…

The only other thing that is now an essential for me is my Panasonic Lumix DMC TZ70 digital camera because it has a killer 30x zoom, great battery life and let’s me transfer photos to my phone via wifi and a smartphone app….the zoom on this camera is seriously good…check this photo out.

So that’s it! Those are my travel tech essentials…what are yours?

Here are links to all the things I talked about…
Romoss Power Bank:
Universal Travel Adapter:
Tile Mate:
Trove Wallet:
Kindle 2019:
iPhone X:
Apple AirPods:
Panasonic Lumix TZ70:

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