Comica BoomX-D2 2.4G Wireless Microphones Review

Posted on 20th July 2020 by Mark Tiddy.

Read on for the written review or watch the video review on my YouTube channel.

A week ago I picked up the Comica BoomX-D2 microphones with the hope of improving the sound quality of my YouTube videos and I haven’t been disappointed!

Retailing at £225 these are very much a premium product and feel like it as soon as you open the box. Included in the box you get two microphones, a receiver, external lapel mics, ‘dead cat’ windshield accessories, a USB C cable, 3 connectors (for various phones/cameras) plus instructions.

Getting them set up is as simple as charging them, turning them on and plugging them in and the controls are nice and simple.

The transmitters have mute buttons, show you their current volume level and show their battery levels whereas the receiver shows its battery level and the volumes on the two receivers…which you can adjust by up to 12DB…great for balancing audio.

The design of these is something that has been really thought through, they’re nice and small and work exactly as you’d hope they would.

Comica claim they have a 50m working range (although this will depending on whether you’re indoors or outdoors) and whilst I don’t think I’ve been 50m from the receiver the range is certainly impressive and audio is clear. They also say they have 5 hours battery life which is about right.

But…what about sound quality?

In order to really put these through their paces I tested the sound in 4 scenarios (each time contrasting it with native phone recorded audio) and they excelled…here are my tests.

  1. Outdoors – Using the wind-shielded lapel mic and just the built in mic I tested these outdoors at various distances. The quality was great in both cases but (obviously) better with the lapel mic.
  2. Wind – Rarely, we have nice weather at the moment so I made use of our electric fan and recorded some audio with the built in mic and then a lapel mic with the ‘dead cat’ on. The lapel mic with the wind shield performed incredibly well with great results (you could still hear the wind but it was no where near as bad).
  3. Indoors – Spoken – Testing the built in mic and lapel mic for indoor spoken audio with limited background noise gave me very similar results…both sounded great but there wasn’t much difference in quality between the two.
  4. Indoors – Music – For this, I connected the 2nd wireless mic and attached one mic to me and one across the room. I then played some guitar and sang…the results were crisp and clear.

So…what’s the verdict?

Sound is usually a subjective thing but in this case there is very clearly a difference in quality between a phone mic and these and these will certainly be my go to mic for all future videos!

You can pick up a set on Amazon here.

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Riwbox XBT-880 Wireless Bluetooth Headphones Review

Posted on 15th April 2019 by Mark Tiddy.

For the last week or so I’ve been using the Riwbox XBT-880 Wireless Bluetooth Headphones…a budget pair of headphones that retail for £25 on Amazon.

Read on for my review, watch a video review here or buy some on Amazon here.

The Riwbox XBT-880’s are a budget set of wireless over ear headphones that also support wired use. They cost around £25 on Amazon and come in a whole variety of colours including black and grey (which is what I went for), black and gold, white and gold and blue and gold.

Their design is pretty simple. The headphones are mostly made of plastic and are adjustable and foldable. Each earpiece has a patterned edge and centre and the right hand earphone has a power button, play button and skip forward and back track buttons. This earphone also has a microUSB port for charging and 3.5mm jack for a wired connection (they come with a 3.5mm jack to jack cable with a microphone).

When wearing these I’ve found that they’re a bit looser than other headphones and so are comfortable for longer periods of time but there is some movement and noise loss.

They connect via bluetooth 4.2 which works easily and gives a decent enough range and their battery life is (they say) 13 hours use. I’ve found this is about right and a pretty decent length of time.

But how do they sound…

Firstly, in terms of overall sound I think they sound pretty good. I’ve tried them with everything from metal to dance-pop and you get a good range of frequencies and plenty of bass and I like the way my music sounds.

Secondly, they are really loud…and I mean REALLY loud.

I’ve had them around half volume and haven’t needed to take them above that even when wanting to really blast my ears. There’s no distortion either.

The only downside is that there’s lag when watching videos and so the video doesn’t sync up with the audio…this is a shame.

Finally, there’s a few extras to mention:

The earphone buttons let you skip, play, pause and adjust volume and these work pretty well. A short press on up or down adjusts volume and longer presses skip tracks back and forth…it does take a little practice to get the right button when you’re wearing them!

If you go for a wired connection you can make calls as the wire has a microphone built in. Calls are nice and clear at both ends. There is also a microphone built into the headphones themselves which has a slight delay and isn’t quite as clear.

So, what’s the verdict?

For £25 you can’t really go wrong!

They look decent, sound good and pack in way more volume than I was expecting!

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